Helping humans and organisations make better decisions during
times of uncertainty

JMTinc was established by Dr Jayne Meyer Tucker (aka DrJMT) to drive positive social change by helping people and organisations turn disruption into transformation, acting as a knowledge and relationship broker, to do good while doing good.

Drawing on DrJMT’s more than thirty years’ experience as a CEO, researcher and advisor across the not-for-profit sector in Australia and internationally, JMTinc provides cutting edge knowledge on how to make better decisions in uncertain horizons: 

Invest to invert inequality by using measurement to manage social impact whilst focusing on creating ‘hyper empathy’ to grow outcomes that contribute rather than grow empires that extract. 


Reward learning that applies theory of change and systems thinking design to transform people and assist organisations’ in their strategic and operational planning processes.


Develop trust and identify stakeholders to establish productive partnerships across all communities and industry sectors.


Pay it forward to make a difference by creating a huge ripple of compassion. Collectively better decision-making means a better society. A better society means being the best ancestors we can be – particularly with a focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Whether you or your organisation are facing disruption or pursuing transformation, managing stakeholders, articulating purpose and vision or exploring new directions, JMTinc will help you make better decisions and connect with the right partners and explore options for the right future – one that is fit for purpose. 

Jayne carried out an in-depth piece of work with St Vincent’s looking at one of our areas of social programming. She … was able to highlight a range of problems present with the current model of operation. She was went through a theory of change process to guide us on the process to address some of the issues that we were facing in a constructive way. The feedback across the board on Jaynes work was excellent and helped us resolve a complex issue in a very constructive way.

Working with needs across all sectors – government, social purpose organisations,  the private sector – especially groups looking for motivation and inspiration in making better decisions or dealing with uncertainty, JMTinc provides board-level and C-suite observation and facilitation, knowledge sharing through speaking, thought leadership and new business model analysis.

In addition, JMTinc provides research-based and ‘prac-academic’ guidance through a range of knowledge sharing products including:

  • Balance Point eBook – socialising the philosophy to make decisions during uncertainty
  • E.A.S.Y Way & 4 quadrants – four transformative traits to make better decisions during times of uncertainty
  • STRADDLE transformative framework and 7 decision-making hacks to straddle uncertainty and make better decisions

Jayne conducted an exceptionally valuable exercise with the Board of The Growth Project. She applied the enabling Theory of Change framework, including challenging questions that the Board were guided to consider and debate. The initial result was a fresh, agreed articulation of the Vision and Mission by adopting an outcomes language framework. The end product was not only an enabling Theory of Change but further clarity of the focus for TGP to share with its many stakeholders.

Image of Peter Achertraat

Peter Achterstraat AM

Peter Achterstraat AM

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Image of Lawrence Goldstone

Lawrence Goldstone

Lawrence Goldstone by JMT Inc

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Simon McKeon AO

Monash University Chancellor

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