Helping organisations navigate change; building partnerships between the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

JMT Inc was established by Dr Jayne Meyer Tucker to drive positive social change by helping organisations turn disruption into transformation and to act as a relationship broker and facilitator of private–public–not-for-profit partnerships.

Drawing on Jayne’s more than twenty years’ experience as a CEO, researcher and advisor across the not-for-profit sector in Australia and internationally, JMT Inc provides expert consulting on how to measure and manage the social impact of organisational change and applying change theory to develop strategic and operational planning, identify stakeholders and establish productive partnerships within and across industry sectors.

Whether your organisation is facing disruption or pursuing transformation, managing stakeholders or mapping social impact, articulating its vision or exploring new directions – JMT Inc will help you connect with the right partners and plan the right future

Jayne carried out an in-depth piece of work with St Vincent’s looking at one of our areas of social programming. She … was able to highlight a range of problems present with the current model of operation. She was went through a theory of change process to guide us on the process to address some of the issues that we were facing in a constructive way. The feedback across the board on Jaynes work was excellent and helped us resolve a complex issue in a very constructive way.

Toby Hall, Group CEO, St Vincent’s Health Australia

Working with government, social purpose organisations,  the private sector and groups looking for motivation and inspiration in improving outcomes or dealing with change, JMT Inc provides board-level and C-suite observation and facilitation, key-note speeches, thought leadership and business analysis.

In addition to consulting and advisory roles, JMT Inc provides research-based guidance through  range of change management systems and publications, including:

  • SocialConnect (EIM™): JMT Inc’s emergent impact navigator using an outcomes confidence rating system
  • STRADDLE™: Building on Jayne’s PhD research, STRADDLE™ helps organisations balance the tensions between structure and spontaneity.
  • The Consequences Blog, which explores a wide range of topics of interest for those committed to growing outcomes, not just organisations.
  • X Qu’s, a useful tool for reflection

Jayne conducted an exceptionally valuable exercise with the Board of The Growth Project. She applied the enabling Theory of Change framework, including challenging questions that the Board were guided to consider and debate. The initial result was a fresh, agreed articulation of the Vision and Mission by adopting an outcomes language framework. The end product was not only an enabling Theory of Change but further clarity of the focus for TGP to share with its many stakeholders.

Martin Mulcare, Chairperson, The Growth Project
Image of Peter Achertraat

Peter Achterstraat AM

Peter Achterstraat AM

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Lawrence Goldstone

Lawrence Goldstone by JMT Inc

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Simon McKeon AO

Monash University Chancellor

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