March 2018

Image of UN global goals
Image by United Nations

#48 Global Goals Australia Inquiry

(Extract from DrJMT response to the Senate Inquiry into Sustainable Development Goals – Implementation in Australia) Being a very keen advocate for overarching outcome frameworks I find the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) able to provide the most aspirational outcomes for all.  Based upon this assumption I prepared my response to the Senate Inquiry …

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Image of baby elephant being guided by larger elephant

#47 Why we need to “Nudge”

The definition of the notion to nudge is described in a McKinsey article Behavioural science in business: Nudging, de-biasing, and managing the irrational mind as being subtle: “Subtle interventions based on insights from psychology and economics – we can influence people’s behaviour without restricting it”. Although in the McKinsey article there was a strong alignment …

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