Added Value

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In addition to her work at JMT Inc, Jayne continues to contribute to the Australian charity and not-for-profit sector in a range of board and advisory roles, including:

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Champion for Volunteer Family Connect ( Volunteer Family Connect, a global first randomised control trial of social return on investment, is an $8m research project delivered across three service providers, two universities and the corporate sector. As a VFC Champion, Jayne performs a key role in creating alliances and mentoring local/grass roots leaders, working with private donors to provide oversight of various ‘seed funded’ projects,  ranging from indigenous music programs to additional education and gifted children programmes to trauma and domestic violence support.

Non-Executive Board member of The Growth Project ( The Growth Project brings together emerging leaders exploring the collaborative learning between charity and business leaders that benefit society. As an advocate for social purpose leaders, Jayne draws on her expertise in social outcomes, theory of change and program logic to provide strategic and operational advice on the consequences of emergent impact for the Social Purpose movement.

Non-Executive Board/Guild member and social purpose advisor to The Australian Transformation and Turnaround Association ( AusTTA is a not-for-profit group formed to improve both public and private organisations and to help maximise the benefits of disruption and/or transformation.

Thinker in Residence with ThinkImpact (, which helps organisations increase their capacity to understand and manage their social and environmental impact. Jayne is involved in work to enable local capacity to address global footprints with with the new prosperity work that ThinkImpact is pioneering.

Jayne is also a key contributor to CultuRecode™ (, a Shared Value Ecological model based on the ancient wisdom of Australia’s First Peoples. CultuRecode™ promotes intercultural communication as a platform to step outside our cultural norms and acquire the skills to an create a set of national sustainable development goals aligned with the UN Global Goals.