Balance Point eBook

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Making better decisions in times of uncertainty

The Balance Point is here to help humans and organisations make better decisions during times of uncertainty.

Making better decisions at a personal level means making decisions that have no limitations and are able to maximise life’s opportunities. At a professional level making better decisions means responding to change rather than reverting to dominant default decision-making models. Collectively, better decision-making, means a better society.

At times of uncertainty and in new paradigms such as the 21st century (great example of post the great pause of COVID-19) better decisions that benefit all become a heightened advantage.

The Balance Point eBook is not written for any specific target audience other than humans! After all, humans cover all aspects of decision-making in society. It is more a platform that offers insights to help you make better decisions that prevent dominant default decision-making models – ADWAG

ADWAG stands for ‘always doing what always got’ – meaning if you are always basing decisions on the habits of old and not accepting that there is a paradigm shift, the act of making better decisions becomes harder to achieve.


This eBook illuminates the path to taking better decisions from an idea to a plan of action through finding your Balance Point. Leveraging your core decision making process will enable you to make better decisions and enable change that is also meaningful across a multitude of societal issues.
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