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Consequences Blog #63 COVID-19 Coping (#betterdecisions)

As September draws to a close, I am conscious that a month has already gone by since Earth Overshoot day. Time for better decisions – #betterdecisions! Reflecting on and alluding to a quote in the RSA summer 2020 journal I have coined the phrase ‘time for #betterdecisions’ and propose that COVID -19 simply intensifies this …

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Cirque Du Soleil Programme Souvenir – ‘Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities’ (2014) attended 29 November 2019

Consequences Blog #60 #2019 Life is a circus #2020

It is the final Consequences Blog for 2019 and without getting caught within semantics, as to when the official new decade begins as far as I am concerned it is simple – the current decade ends 31st December 2019 and the new decade begins 1st January 2020 – so this is my last Consequences Blog for …

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Consequences Blog #59 Enabling the Theory of Change & Global Goals

I get very excited about these three words ‘Theory Of Change’ and even more when they are accompanied with a program logic or set within the Sustainability Development Goals framework (more on these later in this Blog). Some of these words may not elicit as much excitement to all but their collective intents are worth their …

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Consequences Blog #58 – Citizen Jury

Essence of the Citizen Jury ……. “we are collectively making decisions to be in the business of being great ancestors!” My role at the Citizen Jury was that of an observer. As a result of this wonderful experience I feel quite privileged to have two opportunities, the first to share the good practice and the …

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#54 February 2019 and the dance of life

I have started 2019 with many commitments and one of these commitments is using the Consequences Blog as a portal for a monthly reflection – a month in review. Reflecting on thoughts and experiences that influence both my personal and professional life to often be combined with some form of metaphor. For the month of …

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