Consequences Blog #69 Reflection & Transition – the Glowing chapter

Consequences Blog began as a collection of experiences gathered across my personal and professional life. The period transverses my pre and post Phd lifetime and of course a very unexpected global pandemic. In addition, I have always considered the Consequences Blog and my Dr-JMT website as a landing page or public digital space to collate my ideas around Balance Point – STRADDLE the E.A.S.Y way – focusing on making better decisions within uncertainty. During this time, I have also held a key focus on helping humans and organisations make better decisions during times of uncertainty.

This Consequences Blog #69 is timed at a juncture of life where I say goodbye to my professional project responsibilities and over the next six months, I will also close my website and retire from project working. At the same time it is also time for a hello to my next professional and personal glowing chapter being based on areas of interest -including Board positions and advocating for causes that are close to me.

To this end my period of reflection has been full of much fun along with some trials and tribulations. As with all reflections there is always some good – some not so good – some things to be done differently and of course absolute celebrations. Having said this and with a focus on absolute celebrations this will be my final Consequences Blog, especially in this format as my transition into what I refer to as my glowing years becomes a reality.

The glowing years are all about how I plan to live the rest of my best life and ensure I can be the best ancestor I can possibly be – after all approaching the sixth decade seems to be a very good place to start to accelerate and action such an aspiration.

As I shift towards these glowing years, I’m looking forward to expanding shared wisdom of great thinkers and writers of our time like Henry Mintzberg and the Declaration of Interdependence.

For now I am using my final Consequences Blog to reflect on a signature project moment where a decade ago and sitting around a table in Surry Hills (Sydney Australia) a collaborative effort was agreed to truly put volunteering on the map. Due to an once in a lifetime anonymous donation (for those that know – selfless at the highest level) these shared aspirations became a reality.

A randomised control trial (RCT) in line with a social return on investment created a volunteering program that not only works but positively enhances the lives of vulnerable children and families. This result and experience was a shared aspiration beginning with many including- Lynn Kemp;Rebekah Grace; Les Hems; joined later by many others Grainne O’Loughlin; Leith Sterling; Catherine Harris; Felicia Dingle; Sharlene Vlahos; Lee Bratel; (apologies for not mentioning all – a decade of many great names and faces).

The lessons learned abound from this project, particularly with signature findings and global interest and with outcomes such as – with every $1 invested in volunteering a $5.42 return. With a focus for Australia this offers great insight for the current Volunteer Strategy being led by Volunteering Australia (VA) Mark Pearce and Sarah Wilson. The program referred to as Volunteer Family Support or VFC (for short) offers flexible applications for many local interpretations and my final role as VFC Champion involved handing over the implementation of the program to the Founding Partners Karitane Grainne O’LoughlinSave The Children- 54 Reasons Mathew Tinkler The Benevolent Society Lin Hatfield DoddsWestern Sydney University Rebekah Grace.

Over the decade my experience with the anonymous donor expanded across many projects and along with these many highlights included Karitane; Tresillian Family Care CentresAssociate Professor Rob Mills Deborah Stockton; Special Teaching and Research (STaR) LtdMargaret Meaker Valentina Borbone; Mentoring Men Ian WestmorelandSimon Jarvis. The donations were always founded within a success KPI that my add value would one day be redundant and sustainability achieved by all – such a celebration of spectacular efforts by all concerned.

At a local level thanks to the ‘TNT group’ Lindley Edwards Ph.D Belinda Morrissey Lisa Cotton Karen Mahlab AMHolly Masters Sarah Davies AM who helped me learn that in knowing what is next and saying – I have no idea – is more than okay! In addition, the women from my ‘village’ Rosemary Addis Veronica Haslam Helen Lea Alison Hernandez Donna McDonald PhD Arminé Nalbandian Nola Turner-Jensen our connections continue to grow regardless of how often we get to touch base.

There is no way I have listed everyone I have worked with as it has been a rare opportunity to have worked with so many committed to making a difference. My sincere thanks for the guidance, ideas, feedback, and new perspectives and as I shift into the glowing years, I am looking forward to being the best ancestor I can be – even when I have no idea!

Consequences –Dr Jayne Meyer Tucker, aka DrJMT is a social engineer and helps humans and organisations make #betterdecisions during uncertainty. Drawing on her global experiences in social transformation and her PhD research exploring the systemic tension between structure (governance) and spontaneity (leadership), Jayne has created the Balance Point – a transformative philosophy to make #betterdecisions within a framework to STRADDLEuncertainty with relationship building and decision-making traits that make #betterdecisions the E.A.S.Y Way. Jayne has worked in Executive Board/CEO and consultancy roles with several NGO’s, corporate and government agencies in Australia and internationally.

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