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Consequences Blog #66 What do space travel and protests have in common

I have been taking time during COVID to further research and explore the relationship between good uncertainty and its superpowers – greater balance; less trauma; better decision-making. During …

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Consequences Blog #65 – Combine harvester in the new horizon

In this reflective Consequences Blog the key point I am wanting to write about is how ‘time moves on’ leaving footprints. For example, the Spanish …

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Consequences Blog #64 Relationships 2021

As a committed reflections and new year advocate, I always take time in the time of ‘Decanuary” to look backwards and forwards – it is …

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Consequences Blog #63 COVID-19 Coping (#betterdecisions)

As September draws to a close, I am conscious that a month has already gone by since Earth Overshoot day. Time for better decisions – …

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Consequences Blog #62 2020 love letter

Like many others, over the past month I have endeavoured to spend my time reflecting and trying to not react to the very uncertain times. …

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Consequences Blog #61 #betterdecisions

Each new year I consider if there is a theme for the Consequences Blogs and if nothing else it offers my writing a form of …

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