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Consequences Blog #61 #betterdecisions

Each new year I consider if there is a theme for the Consequences Blogs and if nothing else it offers my writing a form of …

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Consequences Blog #60 #2019 Life is a circus #2020

It is the final Consequences Blog for 2019 and without getting caught within semantics, as to when the official new decade begins as far as …

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Consequences Blog #59 Enabling the Theory of Change & Global Goals

I get very excited about these three words ‘Theory Of Change’ and even more when they are accompanied with a program logic or set within the …

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Consequences Blog #58 – Citizen Jury

Essence of the Citizen Jury ……. “we are collectively making decisions to be in the business of being great ancestors!” My role at the Citizen …

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Consequences Blog #57 – 90 days till 2020

With a passion for decision making and helping humans and organizations make better decisions I pose the question in these final 90 days of 2019 …

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#56: Humanity walking on the moon

It has been an interesting point in time for reflection as the 50th anniversary celebrations of humanity walking on the moon have been occurring all …

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