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Image of street sign with the eords "Time To Say Goodbye"

#4 New Beginnings

Having set the scene of this Blog within a famous goodbye (as depicted in the picture) – obvious for those born pre the millennium – …

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#3 Good Beginnings & Happy Endings

A title of good beginnings and happy endings can only lead to one opportunity -positive disruption! The story of positive disruption leads to a new …

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#2 Four Bedrocks of Social Transformation

A milestone year for me I have put some thoughts to what I’d like 2015 to represent. I concluded that 2015 is not just the …

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Image of the numbers "2014" and "2015" written in the sand

#1 Countdown to Social Transformation

I am known to anyone close to me both personally and professionally as the countdown Guru! For as long as I can remember I have …

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