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#55 Compassionate Easter eggs

The Easter break for 2019 has been and gone and as life begins to quicken pace (can it get any faster!), the school run kicks …

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#54 February 2019 and the dance of life

I have started 2019 with many commitments and one of these commitments is using the Consequences Blog as a portal for a monthly reflection – …

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Twelve months is simply a period in time and the end of the calendar year and beginning of the new year it is always a …

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#52 Worlds Value Day and Social Licence

October 18th World Values Day what a wonderful day to be dedicated to values. Of course, values need to be part of every minute of …

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#51 Celebrating Joint Alliances

This Consequences Blog is stimulated by a couple of non-related, but in my mind, quite related events! Firstly, I refer to an article with a …

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#50 ADWAG – Always Doing What Always Got

Such an interesting way to start a Blog with a crazy new acronym. ADWAG. ADWAG is an acronym for the phrase – always doing what …

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